We hear a lot of heartbreaking stories from registrants and families. Some of the worst are when families are divided.

One of our members, who has a decades-old conviction, for which he got probation, left the country 17 years ago and hasn’t come back. He went on to live a good life in this other country, established a business, got married and had three children. In October, his mother fell gravely ill and he returned to see her. When he flew into the country (another state) he did what he was supposed to do and registered his one-week stay, letting them know he would be going home on November 7th.

Our country sent a “green notice” to the country he now (and for the past 17 years) lives, warning them of his arrival, flight information and registration flyer. Not surprisingly, the authorities were waiting for him and upon arrival he was immediately turned back. Unwilling to step foot in the US again, he’s currently exiled in a third country, unwilling to be subjected to a lifetime of persecution in the US and unable to return home to his family. He desperately misses them and they miss him.

Yesterday, one of the commenters on our site shared the sad result of their planned trip to Jamaica for their daughter’s wedding. She wrote:

After all the back and forth we decided to go and try. We all took flight together praying that my husband could talk to somebody we were with his daughter with the wedding dress and everything but NO.
We got sent on same plane.

The minute we landed in Jamaica while on plane they made an announcement With my husbands name to meet airport staff at gate.

One thing they were polite and respectful. They allowed us to walk with my husband. They took him for a moment to another room. I was hopeful since they were being nice. But they told me before they told him that he’s going back to USA and asked if I was going with him.

I wasn’t going to stay with out him. He was destroyed.
They said USA regulation they put pressure and made agreement that they cannot allow anyone with this type of record even if it’s been almost 25 years level 2 or any.

I’m so angry at the system! My husband has never had any other record. He took a plea when he was young didn’t know any better. He did make a mistake served 2 years.

I think they have to change something. If someone has gone so many years with out any offense, has gotten treatment, or evaluated they should be freed from this label.

What’s sad is I want to do something about it but i can’t expose my husband because he lives with this shame and fear!

It’s just messed up! They should tell you before you get on plane that this would happen!

We lost money, but most importantly we will miss thus very special wedding.

My step daughter and her fiancé were destroyed.

These stories are horrific! Imagine a daughter unable to have her father walk her down the isle. Not having her family with her on the most special day of her life!

Imagine a wife and small children not knowing when they will see their father again. A family without their bread winner. Stuck in limbo, potentially having to leave a home and business behind and start over in a new country.

It’s reminiscent of the pogroms in Eastern Europe or the persecutions in Syria. Only it’s the Unites States.

What a twisted, sadistic country we live in, that feels the need to torture the families of registrants! That is all the International Megan’s Law does – inflicts cruel and unusual punishment!


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