News for Sex Offenders

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) has announced that they intend to file a federal challenge to the passport identifier recently revealed by the U.S. State Department within the next 90 days.

FAC has committed resources to help in the fight.

If you are interested in being named as a plaintiff or would like to share your experience traveling internationally since the passage of the IML, please visit:

If you have been denied entry into another country, travel frequently (outside the country) for work or to visit family, been harassed outside the US because of your registration status, have a fiancee outside the US you are unable to sponsor (or visit), or experience other negative consequences when traveling outside the US, please complete the above form.

  • Note that ALL registrants experience negative consequences at the border when re-entering the US, but for purposes of this challenge, we are interested in hearing what happens in other countries.

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