In recent months we’ve seen an increase in members reporting difficulty traveling internationally. We’re also seeing countries that formerly admitted persons required to register, now turning them away. Just last month a member was denied entry into Greece, a country that was previously not off limits and a member of the European Union. It’s raising some concern over what will become over travel to the other 26 member countries of the EU.

We are also receiving information that the United States is taking a more active roll in blocking international travel by persons required to register. For example; US Department of Homeland Security Agents have pulled people off of airplanes in Florida before even departing, stating they were not able to enter the international destination. Also, the United States has opened 80 Homeland Security Investigations (“HSI”) Offices in 53 countries internationally. HSI agents have been waiting for persons required to register when they land in the destination country and turning them right around before they even have a chance to speak with the receiving country’s immigration officer.

While the government denies they play any role in determining whether someone can enter a foreign country or restricting international travel. Their actions contradict that assertion. They also claim that the notices are merely information and are not intended to block someone’s entry, but in this training video, they acknowledge that the SMART Office has compiled a list of countries that persons required to register cannot go to (“However, what we know is that many countries have elected to not allow offenders to come into the country. And so with this notification that’s done in advance, then the country at the time that the offender were to come to the country can make that decision. But we also know that there are, again, as I said, some countries that are not accepting offenders. And we have a list of those.”).

FAC is calling on the national advocacy groups and their state affiliates to join forces with us in fighting back against IML.

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