According to this article in the Irish Examiner, 2017 saw a “worrying rise in sex offenses involving juveniles”. The title didn’t do justice to the other “worrying” findings in the article… that move than one-third of the people considered sex offenders against juveniles are juveniles themselves.

Some points from the article and findings from the Police service of Ireland:

  • Cases of minors caught in possession of child pornography almost trebled in 2017
  • children under 18 accounting for more than a third of all recorded sex crimes
  • juveniles were responsible for 35% of all sexual offences recorded in that year
  • A 37% rise in sexual assault (not aggravated), from 163 to 224;
  • A 181% jump in child pornography (as recorded by Gardaí), from 21 to 59
  • of the 59 child pornography cases, Nine involved ‘consensual peer to peer sharing’ of personal images.
  • In 30 of the 47 child defilement cases, it said the “offender and injured party were in a relationship and had made the mutual decision to engage in sexual behaviour”.
  • In many cases both parties were not aware that by engaging in such behaviour, the male was committing a criminal offence.

Some take-aways from the article.

  • Much of the “worrying” rise in sex offenses is kids being kids in the age of new technology.
  • Many (one-third) of those being labeled as sex offenders (a label intended to protect children) are children themselves.
  • Many of the “offenders” and “victims” had no idea they were committing crimes or being victimized.

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