We have received a spike in comments and contacts from people who have had address verifications, many of which involving multiple jurisdictions over the last two weeks. We suspected it was part of one of these “operations” taking place in certain counties, such as Brevard, Bay and others. You know the ones… Its where they round up a bunch of people, mostly on petty technical violations, and then put out press releases such as the one in Bay County where they announce “Operation Watchdog” arrests 37 people in sex offender sting.

Only these are not, for the most part, new sex offenses. These are mostly technical violations, such as not registering a broken down trailer in a backyard. And for the 29 people who were arrested for a technical violation, such as not registering a trailer, they (as you can see from the below press conference) want “Take this element out of our communities”

Oh and naturally this is a “joint operation” between local, police, the FDLE, the US Marshals, Department of Homeland Security…

In the media it’s called “click bait”, in this case it’s Federal Grant bait.


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