A federal judge has further delayed the implementation of a new law in Tennessee that would have prohibited convicted sex offenders from staying overnight in the same homes as their children.

On Wednesday, Judge William Campbell Jr. issued an order extending the temporary restraining order that halted the new law, which was set for enactment on July 1.

The legislation made it a felony for anyone convicted of a sex offense against a child younger than 12 years old to reside, spend the night or be alone with the person’s own child.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs argued they would effectively lose their parental rights without a trial and due process, arguing the legislation violates the constitutions of the United States and Tennessee.

Campbell agreed in his latest ruling that the plaintiffs would suffer immediate and irreparable harm unless the court intervened.

Campbell’s ruling will remain in effect until a potential trial is held. Although no trial date has been set, a case management conference has been scheduled for Sept. 9. A trial is unlikely to occur before the end of the year.


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