Unintended Consequences for Florida Sexual Offenders

Let’s set aside personal beliefs about the death penalty for any crime and focus solely on the conviction and punishment of Donald Smith.

I am so pleased that Donald Smith is being punished for the horrible, sick things he did to Cherish Perrywinkle! I’m also so happy that he’s being punished for the horrible things he’s done to me!

It’s because of Donald Smith that my family members’ cars are on the registry. It’s because of Donald Smith that I have to make two extra trips to the Sheriff whenever the dealership gives me a loaner. It’s because of Donald Smith that I get anxious whenever my wife carpools.

You see, in 2014, the year after Donald Smith murdered Cherish, a wave of new sex offender laws were passed that Donald Smith will never be subjected to, but that I (and my family) will be.

In 2014, in addition to the change in definition of “vehicles owned” (to include not only registrant’s cars but anyone who lives with them, anyone who visits them for 5 days, or any cars rented), we got “Internet Identifier” requirements and enhanced notification of travel, registration of passport information and professional licenses, increased frequency of reporting for transients, and a whole laundry list of other sanctions that made Florida “scorched earth” for me, but not for Donald Smith, because long after he’s dead, people who have been living model lives for decades will continue to be punished for his crime.

One man’s actions affect hundreds of registrants

My heart goes out to the family of Cherish Perrywinkle, My heart also goes out to my fellow FAC members. He has caused us all to suffer and whether it was life in prison for him or the death sentence, no punishment will be adequate to bring back what he has taken from us.



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