A very scary plan is being implemented in Paducah, Kentucky. Police are being provided with a license plate scanner that scans for vehicles of people on the sex offender registry. The Kentucky State Police troopers already have this tool, but now it’s being used on the local level.

According to the officer quoted in this news report, .“Every car that I pass, it will reference the license plate against a national database and tell me if the car is stolen,” Smith said. “It can tell me if the owner of that car has a warrant or is on the sex offender registry.”

Why are they scanning for people on the registry who are merely driving along?

In Florida, where not only registrants’ vehicles must be registered, but any family member or cohabitants’ vehicles must be registered too (even if the cohabitant has never committed a crime in their lives), the consequences can be disastrous!

Another reason to challenge the registration of innocent people’s vehicles on the sex offender registry. If you are a cohabitant of a registrant in Florida who has been stopped or questioned because your vehicle’s tag was flagged on the registry, please contact [email protected].



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