In an interesting guest column in, State Senator Lauren Book tells parents they should avoid taking their children to see the kid’s movie “Show Dogs” because of a scene which she calls ‘disturbing’. She calls for the removal of the scene before it’s release or a boycott of the film..

The objectionable scene is one “where the hero prepares to compete in a dog show by learning how to prance, show, and even stay completely still while his private parts are being inspected and touched” She equates the practice to “grooming”.

Now I see Senator Book’s point clearly. Perhaps, someone who has been sexually abused may see the scene from a different perspective than someone who has not been. To a victim, it may evoke terrifying memories. To a non-victim, dog show dogs having their genitals inspected is something we don’t think about. Maybe therapy did enable me to be empathetic and to her point, I do give credence to Book’s criticism of the movie.

But the review reveals something else about Book that I wish she would consider herself before making any political moves. Towards the end, she writes, “I myself have not seen Show Dogs, but have read multiple reviews that clearly state this content in the movie.” Wait a minute… what? You’re calling for a boycott of the movie, but you’ve not even seen it? You’re a state leader acting on anecdotal evidence without even checking it out for yourself?

That’s the kind of thing that drives us nuts about Lauren Book. She will recite her dad’s rhetoric as if it were gospel, without investigating the facts. How many times have we heard her say, “it’s not a matter of if, but when they will re-offend” as if a broken record of her father, without regard to actual recidivism statistics?

Now I’ve not seen this movie either, so I can’t say whether Lauren Book is right on or off-base. I’m going to reserve judgment until I know the facts for myself – which is what she should be doing. Not only when it comes to “Show Dogs” but when it comes to passing laws too!

An interesting post-script to the above article is that Lauren’s review of “Show Dogs” comes at the same time as her father, Ron, is getting himself into some hot water with dogs. First his representation of commercial puppy mills in conflict with Miami-Dade almost cost him his lobbying gig with the County, and second, he wound up suing a retail store, “Puppy Palace” for fees. Check out his affidavit of costs at the link below! Come on, Ron!!! $1680 for Process Server fees on two defendants? Does your process server rent Ferrari’s to serve defendants? Not sure whether “Show Dogs” or anything Ron Book testifies to are bigger works of fiction!

Book Affidavit

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