Quentin Parker believes the sting operation that identified him as a “dangerous child predator” in 2019 failed its mission. Though charges against him were ultimately dropped, he claims in his recent lawsuit against Washington State Patrol that dishonest detectives manipulated him and “forever tainted and destroyed” his life for their own financial gain.

According to the suit filed in Thurston County Superior Court this February, detectives funded by a nonprofit now under criminal investigation pretended to be women and girls on social media to entrap men, boost arrest numbers and gain hefty donations for their task force.

Parker, 32, was an active-duty soldier stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord south of Tacoma in February 2019 when he was arrested in one of Washington’s Operation Net Nanny stings, the complaint for damages said.

Washington State Patrol detectives used the handle “Rowdy Ronda720” to message Parker on a dating app called Skout. Detectives said they lost all but the last messages between “Ronda” and Parker, according to the suit.

“New in town. Single mom,” Rowdy Ronda’s profile said, according to the suit. “I have three girls to share. Looking for likeminded people that are into ddlg/incest/young taboo. No curious wanted, only serious. Young fun. Taboo.”

The suit points to Urban Dictionary’s definition of “ddlg” as Daddy Dom Little Girl, a kink fantasy in which one partner is a “caregiver or ‘daddy’ and the other is childlike. It is NOT a relationship between an actual father and daughter or any minor child,” the complaint said.

Parker showed up at the address “Ronda” gave expecting to role-play with her and another adult woman, according to the suit. At that address, a team of officers in SWAT-like apparel aimed guns at Parker and arrested him, the suit claims.


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