ActionNewsJax, just ran a story titled, “Homeless sex offenders become growing Florida problem”. Their story (which can be seen below) implies that registrants are somehow intentionally registering themselves as transient in order to evade detection, but that is absolutely NOT the case!

The growing number of transient registrants is the unintended consequence of Sex Offender Residency Restrictions (SORRs) enacted in the State and most municipalities that prevent individuals from living 1000, 1500, 2500 or even farther from places like schools, parks, day cares or “places where children congregate”. That leaves very few housing options. In some cities, this has left fewer than five residential properties which are compliant with the laws.

As more people are added to the list with zero attrition (in Florida registration is for life), the number of people on this list is continuously growing, while the availability of housing is continuously shrinking.

If citizens view “homeless sex offenders [as] becom[ing] a growing Florida problem” they should contact their lawmakers and encourage them to repeal the SORRs.

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