According to an article posted today, Vernon, FL is considering an ordinance that would bar registered sex offenders from living inside the city limits.

Let’s set aside the effectiveness of these ordinances (we know they are ineffective can counter-productive).

Let’s set aside the constitutionality of these ordinances (they are currently being challenged in our State and we will have some good news to report shortly on a related matter).

Let’s focus on this line in the article, as quoted by Vernon Mayor Tina Sloan “When we call for public participation, there hasn’t been any objections.”

Really? If anyone cares to object to Vernon’s idea to banish individuals from it’s city, below is the information where you can express your “objections”

Vernon City Hall
2808 Yellow Jacket Drive
Vernon, Florida 32462
Tina Slone, Mayor
(850) 625-2384


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