My name is Anna, and I’m a volunteer with NARSOL – the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws. I am working on a project called Lives on the Registry. (LOTR).

Lives on the Registry was created to tell the stories of those listed on a sexual offense registry.

We are utilizing the YouTube platform in telling these stories to help re-shape society’s perception of those that suffer under the weight of public registries, which, as we all know, protect no one.

The program is divided into three very specific areas of focus.

The first segment of this project is the actual Lives on the Registry where we tell documentary style stories of those listed on a sexual offense registry. In the future this area will also feature stories of many other areas of the fight against these over-reaching laws and registries.

Next is the Did You Know Series. This is an animated story-telling series that focuses on how different laws affect those required to register and is done with a cartoon style approach to illustrate the harsh realities of life on a sexual offense registry.

Next, we have a new addition to our YouTube Channel called Registry Talk. This segment of the channel was created to tell the stories of those that are currently under some type of supervision like probation or parole and are not allowed to have an in-person interview. We will also use this segment for other types of story-telling in the future.

We are reaching out to you to ask that you take a few moments to review our YouTube channel. While you are there, please subscribe and comment on the videos you watch. Your feedback is critical to understanding how to create better, more compelling content. If you or your organization is interested in telling a story, we invite you to complete a short overview of your story and submit it at under the tab Tell my Story. Once your story is chosen, we will send you forms to sign and return for every individual or staff member that is to be interviewed.

We ask that you share this project with as many people as you can and remind them that their stories matter too and we want to tell them. If we don’t stand as a community, we will never change the public’s perception of who the registrant really is. If you forward the email, remember to strip out the affiliates’ address.

We all have a voice, and the voice of the registrants and their families must be heard and change must come for those that have paid their debt to society and continue to do so under oppressive sexual offense laws and registries. Help us tell these stories. Join us at and let’s make a real change in how the world views those required to register.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be glad to answer any and all of your concerns.

Thank you for your time,


Lives on the Registry project manager

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