The unthinkable could be soon happening in Louisiana:  Judges being allowed to sentence people who commit certain sex offenses to forced surgical castration.  This would also include women.

Senate Bill 371 by Senator Regina Barrow was approved in the House of Representatives in a 74-24 vote.  It needs only the senators’ concurrence in the House floor amendments before it is sent to Governor Jeff Landry for consideration.

Senator Barrow introduced this bill because of only one person who sexually re-offended.  Yes, his crimes were heinous, and he deserves to go to prison for a long time, if not for life, but why should Barrow’s desire for revenge spill over into other cases where released inmates will never sexually re-offend?

With research showing that most people with a past sex offense never sexually re-offend after serving out their sentence, why would a civilized nation choose to physically castrate people who will never commit another sex offense?  


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