Sad news of a person convicted of a sexual offense being killed by a cellmate this week. People incarcerated on sexual offenses are often the targets of vigilantes. Some hate groups assign “points” to members that attack a registrant.

The inmate killed inside his Duval County Jail cell Tuesday was drowned in his jail cell toilet in addition to being beaten by his cellmate, First Coast News learned Wednesday….. SOURCE

“There is such a thing as jail justice and sometimes, when other inmates find out what you’re in for and for hurting or harming a child, they take matters into their own hands. They take that personally.”… SOURCE

FAC will be initiating a campaign to educate inmates on Facts vs. Myths of people required to register by placing a quarter-page ad in Prison Legal News, a widely read inmate publication. We will run the ad for three consecutive editions. We are hopeful that the ad will dispel some of the myths about people on the registry, reduce the stigma and help protect our loved ones who are incarcerated. The ad will be funded by our general fund, so any contributions to the cost of the ad will be appreciated.

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