The following was sent in by a Member. If anyone had a similar experience, please share so he can work towards resolving this issue.

I retired from the Navy in Dec 2000 due to my impending legal issues.  I received a full retirement, as I had already completed over 20 years of service.  In June 2001 I had my day in court and my journey on the registry began.  

Here in Jacksonville the Naval Hospital is located on the Naval Air Station.  So every time I had a need for a service from the hospital I would show my identification card (ID) and zip onboard the Base.  I have easily gone onto the Base 100 times since my retirement. Never an issue…well until today.

I arrived at the front gate of the Base about 7 am to ensure I would be early for my scheduled 745 appointment.  I presented my ID and was told there is a problem, would I pull over to the area designated for “problems”.  Apparently in 2011, Patrick Air Force Base in Canaveral placed a note on my account barring my entry to their base which meant I now barred from ALL military installations. After a number of Security personnel came over and asked questions, one of them made a command decision to escort me to the Hospital for my appointment; with the understanding I would get in touch with Security to figure out what flagged my ID card.  I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was going on.

A call to the Security Officer, a call to security at Patrick AFB and it was confirmed that my status as a Registered Citizen put me on a “Do not allow access” list.  SOOO, since 2011, I have been gaining access to the Base ILLEGALLY.  Yep, my 10 plus visits for my wife to the ER, ILLEGAL; my 30 days in the ICU, ILLEGAL; my 16 visits for inpatient/outpatient procedures, ILLEGAL; you get the idea.   

As the last medical appointment was finished, I found two Security Officers waiting to escort me across the Hospital to the Security Office.  Totally degrading, completely a walk of shame.  Once at the Security Office, I was presented a letter on behalf of the Commanding Officer denying any access to the Base.  If I attempt to gain access to ANY military installation I will be in violation of TRESPASS of a FEDERAL FACILITY/INSTALLATION.   Title 18, Section 1382 empowers military commanders to prohibit certain individuals from entering on military base, or even in a region or area. A barrment is an action taken by a debarring official, usually a garrison commander, under the applicable laws and regulations to exclude a person or business from entering on a military installation or participating in contracts under the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Once a person or business is so excluded, it is considered that such person or business are debarred.

Then, I was escorted back across the Hospital by another Security Officer to get back to the car.  That Officer then followed my car off the Base.  

I currently have no idea what am I supposed to do about my medical benefits that I pay an additional premium to get handled on the Base? I have lost access to my primary care DR, the Pharmacy, as well as all the other services the Hospital offered. How do I take care of getting my spouses ID card replaced later this year when it expires?  

I share this experience because I know there are some others that are retired military or have access to a military installation to just beware, Barrment from one Installation will most likely result in barrment from ALL Installations.

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