Just wanted to share what I ran into recently..
Iv bought two cars in the last three months. Both times when the dealership tried to transfer my tags a large message pops up on the DMV site and says. You can not update address due to persons status as registered sex offender.
That’s super embarrassing.
The only way they found to get around this is when they update your tag Information.
The sales rep has to Un-check the box that says update adress. If they just update the tag information it will go through. They don’t have to update the adress but it’s a box they always check becuase so many people’s addresses don’t match there current ID. No big deal for most. Felony for us as you know.
Hope this helps. Thats what I discovered anyway..
It’s terrible we have to suffer this endless discrimination. But if they can’t update your tag some dealers won’t let you leave with the car.
This I just my expierence. It’s not the gospel truth and I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone. I just happen to buy a car from someone who’s brother is on the registry and he was able to help.

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