In December 2020 I moved out of Florida to another state. At that time, I went to the sheriff’s office to notify them I was moving. They changed my registry, at that time, to show I had left the state.

Fast forward to last month (June 2022): For the heck of it, I decided to look myself up on the Florida registry, as I know no one is ever completely removed. To my shock, I found my registration was again active as of May 2022! Not only was it active, but it showed I was living in a home that I had not lived in since 2013, was back on probation (I was released from probation in 2018) and, the real kicker, the picture was of someone that was not me! I decided to also look at my release page from DOC, and, it too, had my DC number with another person’s picture and partially incorrect info.

I certainly don’t need to get in to how the sheriff’s department could have decided to come after me for a registry violation which would have landed me in jail until they figured out that THEY made a mistake.

Long story short, I ended up calling the number for FDLE that handles the registry for the state. I, thankfully, talked to a very helpful, professional and polite woman who apologized and explained what happened. She told me that DOC has been making data-entry errors when they are out processing inmates. Essentially, someone typed in my DC number instead of the person who was getting released.

All said, if you are not in the habit of checking how your information is appearing on the registry website, maybe you will want to make it a part of your monthly routine as I now have.

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