I wanted to bring your attention to something new that I encountered last night after I did my bi annual check in.

I received a call from a deputy sheriff who asked me to step outside. Knowing that I had just done all my normal check in I stepped out side and met him. He was in an undercover vehicle and he told me that he needed to confirm some information. He told me that the US Marshalls are making them do a yearly check in on top of the Address verification checks. He then told me that he needed to make sure that something called Offender Watch was correct as well. He went over the things on my check in form that I did earlier that day.

He brought up some old account that I had never heard about. He told me that they use some program that they put our information into and it pulls things that close match what we give to them. Then it assigns a percentage to that information of how close of a possibility it is being yours. He then took a new photo of me in front of my house. Then told me that he would be back later this week to take a day time photo of my house for this Offender Watch and the US Marshalls service.

I asked if this information was for law enforcement only or if these photos would be posted online for people to see as I am worried about Vigilantism. I made him aware of some of the threats and murders that the registered citizens have received just in this year alone. And he made it sound like he understood. I told him I had never even heard of those accounts or even the websites he was saying. One being Gavatar.com he told me he also had never heard about it and that him and his supervisor looked into it as well and they didn’t even know what it was and thought it was for gaming. I shrugged my shoulders and said wasn’t me.

He then left but it has me shaken up a bit. I know that I have to deal with this for awhile more and I hate that my family is having to deal with this along side of me. But I am really worried about this Offender watch and it seemed like the officer who came out was sympathetic on the cases and told me to call them if we ever receive any threats about vigilantism or harassment as they don’t put up with it no matter who you are. I told him I appreciated it but as long as I am on this hit list then I will always have to look over my shoulder.

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