I just want to let you know I read this FAC newsletter today and I thought about how I sent a very pungent and emotional letter to about 10 Congress people in AZ.

In it, I also said that I had attached some less emotional and professionally stated oppositions points to one of the new bills they were trying to pass. I had those points from an AZRSOL email here in Arizona.

As I was thinking about writing you, the well of pain shot up from within me bursting me into tears.

The pain the registry and label fills my life experience with. The reality of why I am in AZ and left everything and everyone I loved in FL. Just because those laws were destroying my life and sanity and I had to go somewhere the laws were not so aggressive and destructive to my ability just to keep myself alive!

But of course, they are trying to make them more like FL laws too. Thank god things move super slow here, at least for that reason I am glad things are slow here! Lol.


I almost threw in the towel when they moved this new bill to request a re-vote on it after I sent all my letters to individual members of the congress. I was so upset I said F these politicians I want nothing to do with them.

I told the people of AZRSOL the same.

Then they said that the Speaker of the House had the final decision on whether it would go up for a vote or not.

I did not even want to bother anymore. But, reluctantly, I was like “ok, ok God I will send one more”.

I sent it to him.

I found out that this dude said the bill will not voted on. Honestly, I have no idea if that means he may change his mind tomorrow, whether he wants to amend it and make it even worse before voting on it, or if this dude even read my letter at all!!!.

But it restored enough hope for now, for me to think, that even if it’s just me, sending my own personal energy to make a difference, maybe, just maybe that energy can tip the scale in a better direction. It’s a foolish hope in America, I realize this. We seem to progress in reverse instead of forward. But at least I picked the towel back up!! (I may throw it down tomorrow, but that’s tomorrow!)

Thank you for your service!

Eddie M. ❤️‍🔥🔥

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