(Decided to share this story in hope it might keep somebody else from the humiliation i experienced with my family and add to your travel site data base )

Unfortunately i found out the hard way about International Megan’s Law while traveling to Bahamas on a family/birthday vacation.

Since i had traveled to the Bahamas multiple times before the law was enacted and did not have to register under IML until 2017, I was totally blindsided when i was ushered into a small room, advised they had received notification from Interpol and the US marshals service as to be on alert to my flight and party and traveling as  a rso . All they cared about if i was in fact a rso–nothing about the charges being over 20 years old and my legal papers showing i was removed in my home state–or the fact i had traveled throughout the Bahamas for years after my conviction  and actually lived in Grand Bahama for 3 months.

I was summarily separated from my family and promptly ushered back on the plane back to Miami– I barely had time to give my fiancee (she knows of my background and status) my credit cards and cash to continue with the trip without me. She had to cry and beg for the hotel to honor our reservations since the cc were all in my name and the touted fishing trip had to be cancelled.


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