A member alerted us to a possible new misuse of registrant data to falsify identity and obtain opioids or other identity theft.

He wrote, “Hello. I’m on the registry in Florida, Leon county. Today a cop showed up at more door. I thought it was a registry check. I went to get my license. My wife was here as well. The cop said he had to read me my rights and ask me questions about prescription drug fraud. I said ok but was dry wary and nervous. He asked if I had a prescription for codeine. I said no. As he was talking 2 other cops showed up. Very intimidating. He asked if my doctor was a name I can’t remember now especially since he mumbled it, but it wasn’t my doctors name at all. He asked if I know why someone might use my name. I said I’m on the registry that’s probably why. One of the other cops suggested that I check my credit report. This was all very scary. Could you please publish something about this in your blog which I read. Maybe you or some of the other registrants have some information.”

If you’ve been the victim of identity theft and suspect it’s related to having your biographical information published online or had something similar happen, please share it here.

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