We regularly like to post reminders of the scams out there that continue to target persons on the registry. If you are a regular reader of our forum, you already know this, but if we can prevent one person from being scammed out of thousands of dollars, it’s worth the redundancy.

So, I guess it is that time of year again. My husband received a call from “Sheriff Porter” from the SLC “Sheriff’s” Office, who requested a call back. I knew this was a scam, but called back from my cell phone, made up a fictitious name, and was told I had missed a “FEDERAL” registration notice and I received a “Citation”. I was then told the remedy was a “payment”. My husband took the phone and then very “politely” told the nice sheriff that we knew he was a scam artist and “encouraged” him not to call us again. I make light of it, but it was very upsetting. It is literally the SAME person who called us this time last year. My guess is that they call during a person’s registration month in order for it to seem as if the registration error is legitimate. We are filing a police report. Apparently, not even Covid slows down the scammers. For reference, he said his name was Sheriff Travis Porter from the SLC Sheriff’s Department, Offenders Division. His number is 772-408-9496. When you call, there is a voice message that states the same and asks for your information. It’s despicable.

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