This email was submitted by a member. If readers can help encourage the Lee County Sheriff’s office to take this concern seriously and investigate the source, it would be appreciated.

[M]y Det. called me back later and said they called the number that had called me, and it was some sort of recording that they were a Sex Offender Registration Specialist Unit.  Det.said that this entity is NOT with the Sheriffs Office and is a scam, but can’t figure out what, as they do not ask for money.  Det. said she has turned this info over to her Sargent.

I last night myself called the number back, using the *67 on my cell phone to block the caller ID., and found a very professional sounding directory for the SO Registration Specialist Unit.  

I am scared as this group/person knows my name, car make and model & license plate number, my home address, and they wanted me to come to the Sheriffs office immediately. 

I was afraid after realizing that this was a scam, that they were either going to hurt me while en route to the Sheriffs Dept, or rob my house once I left!


Lee County Sheriffs Office can be reached at 239-477-1000. FDLE should be taking these scams seriously or taking individuals’ personal information off line so they won’t be victimized.

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