I have a new officer that comes by and provides a copy of the FDLE printout of our registry information. He states: Review this, make sure that it is accurate, sign and date it!” I informed him that I register through JREC quarterly as required by law. This continued,. I told him that no law compelled my compliance. Once he states it was to update hus information, I informed him of the “48 hour rule”. The he states it is to verify that he saw me. Cops are trained vti lie to you and the lies keep changing. I filed an IA Complaint, spoke with an Investigator, who agreed with me, hus letter to me was a coverup. Last month the cop asked me if I wished to sign stating that it is optional, although he only stated that to me and not all registered Person’s and I was told would be done. He the had the audacity to ask me if anything has changed, to which I replied :”That would be a registry question.” I live in Duval County, FL. The officer in question is: Detective Anderson, Badge #: 7870 and Investigating officer was: Sergeant J L. Baxley, Badge #: 7740. Persons required to register in Duval County are not required to review, sign, date anything or answer any registry questions during residency verification!

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