Recently I attended the Safe and Just Michigan You Tube conference. I wrote a suggestion in the  comments section calling on all Floridians to read a brief (10-15 second long) statement to the registering officer every time, immediately prior to registration.

I was asked by Judith Levine (a national advocate who was on the panel) to please present this idea for consideration.

I feel that this must be a national mandate. For, if we are silent, then we give our tacit consent.

Here is the text of the statement, which I am recommending:

” Before we begin, it is my duty to read the following short statement: I fully intend to comply with Florida (or whatever state) law and to provide you with all of the information that you demand during this interrogation. However, I am both a Florida and US citizen who currently is under no criminal sanction whatsoever. As a representative of the government, you have no right to any of my personal information. You are about to violate several of my rights under the United States constitution. And I object .”

Thank You.

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