I could really use some advice. I’ve been living in a high-crime, high-poverty neighborhood ever since I started registering, more than 20 years ago. Since my house is surrounded within a mile radius by a very large number of people required to register, I’ve expected to remain at peace regarding protesters. However, today, a little black boy, probably about 10 years old, surrounded by other younger children, knocked on my door. I didn’t answer until after a second knock and a few moments later. By then, the kid had made his way back out to my front yard. When I acknowledged him, he said to me “do you wanna suck my dick?”. I asked him what he said (I really couldn’t tell), and he repeated the question. This kid looks like a real bad boy, too. I went to get my camera so I could get a short video of him and to see whether he would repeat his question to me so that I could record. While I did, I heard something hit my car. When I got outside with my camera, he had already walked off of my property to the side of my house. I sat down on my porch, freaking out, in case he returned, since I didn’t want to escalate things. He didn’t return. Now, I’m debating whether to file a report with the police. If I don’t, I may regret it later, should the kid or someone else accuse me of anything illegal. If I do, I may attract unwanted police attention and may even look suspicious, like I’m trying to cover something up. I also expect that his parents, or even he, would retaliate, should law enforcement contact his household. I still don’t have any picture or video of him. This could be something that’s just a fluke and will not happen again. However, if I was targeted because he’s aware that I’m on the registry, I’m scared. While I’m not too worried about actually being successfully prosecuted for any crime, I am very nervous about possibly getting arrested or my house being vandalized, should the kid or his friends/parents target me as a registrant. I’m only one of the few white men in my neighborhood, and for some of my neighbors, that’s enough to dislike me. I think one of the other early-teen boys down the road may have ID’d me as a registrant several months ago, using his cell phone as he passed by my house. The kids in my hood can be generally aggressive, nasty and destructive. Any advice on what to do would really help me, thanks. It’s great to have a place like FAC to turn to when I’m scared like this.

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