Setting aside the use of the term “pedophile” in their title, here’s an interesting article out of Metro in the UK.

One of those online vigilantes that make a sport out of setting up individuals in self-initiated “predator stings” is on the receiving end of some justice, according to his own account.

It seems a group of his targets might have put his picture out there and labeled him as a “pedophile”. Now he claims his life is in danger and he’s afraid to leave his house.

He told Metro, “‘People attack sex offenders in their society and people might think I am a sex offender if they see this online.” and “‘It’s very dangerous. They even posted up my home address and made threats to come and get me… ‘I have this fear that someone will recognise me and think I am a sex offender and be attacked or even killed.’” “‘I can’t get employment because employers won’t want to employ someone that everywhere says is a sex offender.”

Interesting… so now you know how it feels to put someone out there as a “pedophile” without the allegations even being proven!


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