Minnesota’s Civil Commitment center at Moose Lake, where certain persons required to register as sex offenders are indefinitely detained for “treatment” after the expiration of their sentence, reported their third death from COVID-19. Two other “clients” died last month.

The Moose Lake facility was featured by the PBS News Hour in a 2016 feature entitled, “Inside Minnesota’s sex offender facility, where no one has ever been released” and has been one of the more controversial centers among the already controversial civil commitment practice.

20 states, including Florida, have laws known as “civil commitment”, which grants the State the ability to deem someone an ongoing threat and keep them locked up indefinitely, even after their sentences are completed. The detention is under the guise of “treatment” though very little treatment takes place at these facilities, which are often operated by private, for profit, entities. So long as an individual remains locked up, the for-profit operator continues to make money off them.

Even though the “clients” at Moose Lake completed their sentences, they remain locked up, and currently because of COVID, are not even permitted to receive any visitors. Not punishment, right?


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