There is nothing illegal about having a social media account if you are required to register. Since the Supreme Court decided Packingham it is actually unconstitutional to prevent a registrant from accessing social media. Some states (including Florida) require you to register your accounts, but cannot prevent your access.

One Missouri County has found a way to circumvent Packingham. Livingston County Sheriff, Steve Cox, is turning his registrants into social media companies, when they come in to register having an account!

According to this article, Cox says, “I have notified the social media companies of my findings and already heard back on most of the reports of sex offenders violating the social media company rules/policies. All were thankful for our notifications.”

What a jerk!

If anyone wants to contact the Sheriff to let him know that the recidivism rate of registrants is VERY low and social media is a medium through which people get news, connect with family members and engage in political discussion, you can do so by emailing him at [email protected].

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