As promised, the Ex Post Facto Plus case has not seen the end of the road. Yesterday, attorneys for the Does filed a Motion to Alter or Amend the Order. A copy of the Motion is below, but in lay terms it argues that the very recent 11th Circuit Court Case upon which the court relied should be distinguished from this one and/or the case should proceed as to the current Plaintiff’s obligations under the changes to the registry made within the statute of limitations (4 years prior to 2018) and/or the case should be amended to add a plaintiff who was added to the registry within the past 4 years as to the facial and as applied challenge of the entire registry statute.

And as promised hereafter, even if the current Motion is not successful and the case needs to be refiled with named plaintiffs who are all added to the registry within 4 years, the challenge will continue.

If you take a moment to read through the Motion, you will see the significant amount of work that has gone into this case and you will appreciate the efforts of the attorneys who are giving their all to fix this for us. We should also appreciate the donations of our members who helped fund this case.

We fight on!

Does v. Swearingen – Motion to Alter or Amend

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