The following are excerpts from an article on the killing of Jean Lascelle, who was shot in the back of the head by another person at a temporary shelter they were both staying at.

Lascelle was one of 478 sex offenders in Manchester, one of 2,945 people statewide who can’t outrun their past once fingers start clicking away on the internet. Lascelle’s crime goes back 39 years, to 1982.

Of course, people on the registry struggle in relationships, employment and housing.Until this winter, Lascelle wouldn’t have been welcome in the city’s homeless shelter.

But in guarded emails, shelter operator Families in Transition said it has made “adjustments and improvements” and is now following “evidence-based models” and best practices to lower barriers to people seeking shelter.Translated, that means that sex offenders are now welcome into shelters.

So why was Lascelle shot?

The homicide prosecutor overseeing the investigation said he’s drawn no conclusion about motive.

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