A website that offers to show you someone’s “reputation” and criminal history for a fee must face class action claims, after it allegedly suggested a Minnesota man was a sex offender when he only has traffic tickets. In a Tuesday ruling, Minnesota federal Judge Susan Nelson rejected MyLife.com’s motion to dismiss Plaintiff Brion Finlay’s proposed class action against the public information company.

Nelson said MyLife’s profiles and “Reputation Scores” amount to a consumer report, while MyLife operates as a consumer reporting agency, so it can also be sued under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as for defamation.Finlay brought the class action in May, claiming his MyLife profile incorrectly implied he had both a criminal and sex offender background, and alleging a similar situation has likely happened to many others.

If you have been damaged by MyLife.com reporting false information you can contact the Plaintiff’s Attorneys (https://madgettlaw.com/contact/).

Read a copy of the order: Finlay v MyLife – Order

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