A story in today’s Naples Daily News titled, “How to prevent bad actors from slipping into your community under radar” written by some hack condominium attorney is a prime example of fear mongering.

The point of the story is to prevent persons required to register as sex offenders from moving into communities or how to kick them out once they are in. They write, “…Bingo, you now have a registered sex offender or convicted felon living in your community long-term.  Once they are in, it can then be very difficult to get them removed from the community as long as there is no evidence they are breaking the community’s rules or regulations.”

Maybe the Naples Daily News could use an education on the fact that persons required to register have a lower rate of recidivism than any other criminal category? Or, that 95%+ of sexual assaults are convicted by someone not on the registry?

Perhaps we should educate them! If anyone cares to they can comment on their news story or email the paper at [email protected]

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