I have been writing of the successes NARSOL has been achieving with their letters/emails to Patch.com.  After NARSOL’s press release signed by over 200 researchers, academics, treatment providers, including ATSA, and many others (FAC included), some states have disassociated from the Patch maps and articles from Halloween.  Connecticut and Massachusetts are still with them, but the word Halloween can no longer be used.  Illinois stubbornly stays with them, but from what I have been reading, Illinois is not one of the better states to live in, period.

I concur with the above, as I go online this year to post comments at every Patch.com article I can find, and it is basically all in CT, MA, IL, and MT – quite an improvement from a couple of years ago.

We cannot stop here, though.  NARSOL is asking for help through emails/letters and Twitter.  Please read the information in NARSOL’s blog and see what we can do at FAC to help push Patch’s maps into extinction.

CALL TO ACTION: Patch continues printing names of persons on sex offense registries

Thank you,


FAC Media Chair

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