All, we have an URGENT need to identify assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities in Florida that take persons required to register.

In Florida, people remain on the registry for life. That means that they don’t come off when they get sick or elderly. As the population ages, this will become a bigger problem and as each of us (or our loved ones on the registry) get older, this will become an inevitable problem for all of us.

What’s happening is people who are no longer able to care for themselves because of age, physical or mental disabilities, suffer a crisis, are sent to a hospital and then when their stay there expires, they are literally discarded because they require a nursing care facility, but none will take them because of residency restrictions or they simply don’t want the stigma.

We have only been able to identify a few ALF/Nursing Facilities in Florida that will take registrants, but they are capped as to how many they can accept and none are currently accepting. We have also explored the possibility of helping to facilitate opening a facility for this specific purpose, but the concern is that once a compliant location is identified, the municipality will stick a school bus stop “too close” to it in an effort to close it off.

IF ANYONE is aware of any ALF/Skilled Nursing Facility that will accept a person on the registry, PLEASE contact [email protected].


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