Senate Bill 90, sponsored by Senator Lauren Book, contains an important observation from the Senator. The bill contains the following , “…recognizing that the parent-child relationship is the foundation of child well-being…”

How ironic is it that this language would come out of a bill sponsored by a Senator who spearheaded several other bills seeking to destroy the parent-child relationship of people required to register! If the parent-child relationship is the foundation of child well-being, why are children whose parents are required to register as sex offenders deprived of their parent-child relationship? Effectively, a child of a registrant cannot have their parent participate in their educational process or most recreational activities. Some are forced to live separately from their parent because of residency restrictions.

This is not a commentary on the bill, which authorizes circuit courts to create early childhood court programs, it merely points out an irony. For a senator who claims to be ‘all about the children’, she seems to value certain children less than others.

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