Data4Change, Inc has completed a recidivism study of first time offenders in Florida.  Using Florida Department of Corrections data (current to 12/31/23), major offenses are broken out by re-offense; those not re-offending; by technical probation violations and new offenses un-related to original crimes.


In Florida, first time offenders since 2020 only report a 1% recidivism rate for a new sex offense!


66% of these individuals have no further legal issues.  


14% suffer technical probation violations.  This number is most alarming in evaluating new legislation that compounds paper felonies with amplified criminality.  This also emphasizes the report recently published by the Sentencing Project.  


20% are highlighted as engaging in a new offense, but 11.4% of that number is defined as “other.”  This “other” is really important.  Knowing if a substantial component of this category was a collateral consequence of being on the registry would be good to know.  Examples could include an individual arrested for camping on public property. 


Florida specific data shows a 1% recidivism rate for first time offenders.   Florida specific data shows a 1% recidivism rate for first time offenders.  As if saying it repeatedly would make it more meaningful. 


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