Even though other countries have registries of persons convicted of sexual offenses, not all countries are as draconian and ruthless as the United States. In fact, few (if any) are.

Take New Zealand, which enacted their registry only a few years ago. Already, they are taking steps to determine what is applicable and what is violative of their Constitution. Last week we reported that they were considering arguments on civil commitment. This week we learn that an individual won an appeal to have his name struck from the sex offender registry because his offense predated the enactment of the law.

This article reports that, “The man was sentenced to nine months home detention in early 2018 after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography in early 2016.At his 2018 sentencing, the Judge also made an order that he be placed on the Child Sex Offender Register, which was established using the Registration Act in late 2016. The man committed the offence prior to the Registration Act coming into force but was convicted and sentenced after that date. By majority, the Court found the law did not apply to those who committed a qualifying offence prior it to coming into force and the registration order was quashed.”


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