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Last night I watched a Dr. Phil show I had recorded last week.  Most of the show was typical Dr. Phil on sex offenses but it takes a turn at the end.  The boyfriend had passed a “therapeutic” lie detector test during his treatment which indicated that he was being honest that he had not groped the victim.  On the show, the victim agreed to take a lie detector test and at the very end of the show, Dr. Phil suggested that viewers go to the Facebook Page and Twitter – “We will have information there about whether or not sexual offenders can be rehabilitated, what their degree of re-offense is – it is lower than you think.”   After the credits ran there were three screens of text containing the following – 1) “Matt’s accuser took a polygraph exam after the show and was asked in that exam if Matt had groped her”; 2)”She responded that he had”; 3) “According to the results, her answer was deceptive”.  Episode 2576 aired January 13, 2017.  Dr. Phil’s final comments and the text screens were not found on the website excerpts.

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