“I’m not saying that treatment doesn’t work — I’m saying that this place doesn’t provide treatment.” was a quote from one of the residents at a NY State Civil Commitment Center.

Civil Commitment is a program under which the government can lock someone up indefinitely after they serve their prison time, under the premise that they are dangerous to society. Civil Commitment is not supposed to be prison, but a treatment program, but in most states that’s not the case.

“Residents” in the NY system have filed a civil rights lawsuit, as have many in other states, over the conditions. Namely, the lack of any meaningful treatment, conditions that are harsher than prison, limited contact with the outside world – including family, inadequate food and medical care and more.

Just like the registry is “not supposed to be punishment”, civil commitment is “not supposed to be prison”. But if they walk like a duck and quack like a duck…

Florida’s civil commitment center, located in Arcadia, is owned and run by a private FOR PROFIT company! there’s absolutely no incentive to treat and release the non-prisoners confined there. If they are successful, the company loses a captive revenue stream.

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