Repeat and high-risk sex offenders would be banned from the MTA tranist system under a new law proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The NYPD announced support for the ban when Cuomo suggested it in March of 2019. The ban would apply to offenders for three years and blocks them from the subway, bus and rail systems.

The Legal Aid Society delivered a rebuke to the plan.

“No one supports unwanted sexual touching on the subway, but this wrongheaded proposal from Governor Cuomo will do far more harm than good. It will further marginalize this group of New Yorkers – many of whom are New Yorkers of color – who are profiled by police when they use mass transit. It will sever their access to jobs, critical services, educational opportunities, and treatment programs. Albany should spend less time finding new ways to demonize our already over-policed clients and more time creating opportunities for treatment and necessary services. Finally, we question the constitutionality of this misguided proposal and we are prepared to challenge it in court should it become law.”



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