A big F-You to Ocala-news.com who reported on Marion County’s Emergency Management Plans for the Hurricane!

The news outlet organized their report into subheadings labeled “Special Needs Shelter”, “General Population Shelter” and “Pet friendly shelter”. Guess which section they included instructions for registrants? If you guessed under pets, you would be right! Soooo dehumanizing.

Oh, and there’s another big F-You owed to Marion County, because guess what? Registrants don’t even get a shelter! The pets get a shelter, but registrants don’t. If we have nowhere else to go (“Any sex offenders or sex predators who need shelter are encouraged to first seek shelter with family or friends in a non-residency restricted area.” – Seriously?!?!? During a hurricane when schools and parks are closed you are still going to enforce your stupid residency restriction?!?!?)? It’s the police station.  “If that is not an option, then they must report to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender / Predator Unit office for shelter. According to MCSO, they should bring hygiene items, snack food, medicine, bedding, or anything else that is needed.”

These are some sick, sadistic people!

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