Barbara Shareef, who is running against Lauren Book for the Democratic nomination for Senate, filed suit Friday alleging that Book and her campaign engaged in false and deceptive campaign ads that blatantly lie about Shareef’s position on many issues. In the complaint, Shareef gives multiple examples where images were taken out of context (for example, an image of Shareef holding a gun taken at a guy buy-back program intended to get the weapons off the streets was used to imply that she advocates for the guns) or where statements about Shareef were blatant lies.

Book, in turn, has threatened to counter-sue – though for what is unclear. This would not be the first time Senator Book would take to the courts in order to suppress an opponent. In 2017 she filed a stalking complaint against anti-registry activist Derek Logue in order to silence him. A Florida Appellate Court reversed the injunction and the Florida Supreme Court agreed that there was no basis for Book’s restraining order.

A copy of the complaint can be found here: Shareef v. Book Complaint



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