An initial assessment of 266 inmates released early from Oregon prisons during the pandemic showed they were no more likely to commit new crimes than those who serve their full sentences.

The state Criminal Justice Commission said in a recent report that recidivism rates and patterns were comparable, and slightly lower, to a recent cohort from 2019.

From July 2020 to October 2021, Gov. Kate Brown commuted the sentences of 963 adults to help alleviate the spread of Covid in Oregon’s prisons.The March report tracked what happened with those who had been freed for at least a year.

The commission found that within a year, 18% of individuals were arrested, 8% were convicted of a new misdemeanor or felony crime and 2% were returned to prison or jail.

Those numbers are slightly lower than the recidivism rates for individuals in a 2019 cohort, which had the lowest recidivism rates in the past 24 years.


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