Debate Results Favor Abolishing Sex Offender Registries

Last night, The Soho Forum and held a debate on whether, “All the laws requiring those convicted of sex offenses to put their names in a registry should be abolished.”

Listeners were asked to vote BEFORE hearing the debate and then, again, AFTER hearing the debate.The results and a link to the debate are below.

As you can see, Emily Horowitz’s argument (in favor of abolishing the registry) was overwhelmingly persuasive and congratulations on the win. ***Readers, please note this is an academic debate. It is NOT a court hearing and the results of this debate will not have any impact on sex offender laws.***

Watch the video:


Pre Post Change
Yes 38.89% 72.22% 33.33%
No 22.22% 15.56% -6.67%
Undecided 38.89% 12.22% -26.67%

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