A Pennsylvania Appeals Court has found that the dissemination of persons who have been convicted of sexual offenses’ information on the internet (Megan’s Law) violates the ex post facto clause of the Constitution for individuals whose offenses pre-date the ordinance.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court had a prior landmark decision  (Commonwealth v. Muniz, 164 A.3d 1189 (Pa.2017)) finding similarly, so this new opinion will not likely be groundbreaking, but it will show that the prior findings are being upheld and people in Pennsylvania DO have relief from the public online dissemination of all their information.

The opinion can be found here: www.pacourts.us/assets/opinions/Superior/out/j-a12038-19oa.pdf#search=”‘Superior%2bCourt'”

NOTE: Pennsylvania has a State Constitutional Provision that protects reputation.

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