News on Florida Voter Case

In a significant order issued earlier this month by Judge Walker of the Northern District of Florida, the State’s scheme for arbitrarily restoring voting rights to certain former felons was declared unconstitutional.

The Judge gave the parties until yesterday, February 12, 2018, to brief on possible remedies.

Below are copies of the Plaintiff’s briefs and the State’s.

While the judge didn’t find the disenfranchisement unconstitutional, he did find the arbitrary re-enfranchisement unconstitutional. One of the Plaintiff’s potential remedies to create automatic restoration of voting rights for ALL, following a reasonable waiting period. One of the State’s potential remedies is to simply not restore voting rights for anyone.

It does not seem as though the Parties are close to any agreement on potential remedies, so it’s likely this will come down to the Judge’s decision. It also seems likely (based on the State’s pleading) that any decision will be appealed, so this fight is not over yet. Neither party proposed distinguishing among or excluding any type of felony.

So far so good!

Hand v. Scott – Plaintiff’s Brief on Remedies

Hand v. Scott – State’s Brief on Remedies

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