FAC has let the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) know about the scams targeting registrants, over, and over, and over, and over, for years. We have asked repeatedly that they send a postal mail notification to the eighty thousand plus people on the registry, letting them know about the scams that target people on the registry. The FDLE has refused our request and ignored our emails. In 2018 they sent an email, but that is not sufficient. Many registrants cannot use the internet or do not have access to email. The emails often are sent from a bulk mail platform that will wind up as spam.

Pennsylvania State Police is doing the right thing by mailing a letter to all people on the registry letting them know about the scams targeting people on the registry. A copy of the letter they are sending out can be seen below:

PSP Letter

Each week FAC is contacted by registrants who were targeted. Many times it’s only after they were scammed. Most of the time, they only realize it was a scam after they become suspicious and find our warnings online. Since it’s the Sheriff’s offices they are impersonating and it’s the Sheriff’s offices that are supposed to protect the public from these crimes, shouldn’t it be the Sheriff’s offices where they learn of this information?

FAC has printed and will be distributing posters to the Sheriff of each county in Florida, warning registrants about the scam. We encourage them to post the warning posters in the registration offices.

FAC also strongly encourages the FDLE to send a letter through the US Postal Service to every registrant on the Florida Sex Offender Registry and warn them about the scam.

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