A petition with almost 10,000 signatures has been started by friends of a female bartender who was kidnapped, raped and killed by a man on the Georgia Sex Offense Registry.

Georgia had required high-risk registrants to wear a GPS ankle monitor, but the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that was unconstitutional.

The people leading the petition drive say that if driver’s licenses of registrants are marked, then bars and clubs in the Atlanta area could keep a closer eye on them.  The problem with this way of thinking, though, is that the victim was not abducted at the bar but in the front yard of her boyfriend’s house.  Did her killer frequent the bar where she worked?  Not mentioned.  Even if he had, would not having allowed him into the victim’s workplace have prevented the heinous crime he committed, which was not at the victim’s workplace?

Marking the driver’s licenses of all people on the Georgia Sex Offense Registry the way Florida does is not the way to prevent this horrible crime.  Using empirically validated risk assessments to put all resources on monitoring the truly high-risk individuals, while removing the lower risk individuals from the registry, is what can help to prevent future sexual crimes.

Any thinking person knows that you do not punish thousands of people because of the acts of one person.


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